About us

Our approach

We recognise that no two projects are the same. We develop and utilise the most appropriate approaches, methods, tools and resources, ensuring that, from project scoping to data collection through to analysis and reporting, we meet the client’s needs and project requirements at each step of the way. This includes presentation and communication of findings in a clear way, avoiding jargon.

From our pool of experts, we bring together the right team and expertise, collaborating with others where necessary to supplement our in-house skills, to ensure we provide a comprehensive range of specialist services across all aspects of economic appraisal and environmental management.  

Within all of our projects, we take our responsibility to deliver sustainability seriously, combining social, environmental and economic considerations in all we do.  

Our future

“We will continue to grow organically through recommendation and collaboration. We will do this by becoming a trusted advisor to clients and by building a diverse portfolio of projects, delivered to high standards and provided by experienced and expert staff,” 

Bruce Horton, Director.