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Ofwat (2018) The long term potential for deep reductions in household water demand

Ashley, R. et al (2018) Evaluating the longer term benefits of sustainable drainage, 171(2) Green infrastructure of Water Management. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Water Management

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Is natural capital just the latest sustainability fad or could it make us all better off? (October, 2017) The Environment

Including uncertainty in valuing blue and green infrastructure for stormwater management (2017) Ecosystem Services 581

Demonstrating and monetizing the multiple benefits from using SuDS (2017) Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment

Evaluating the longer term benefits of sustainable drainage (2017) ICE Water Management

Green approaches in river engineering: Supporting implementation of Green Infrastructure (2017) HR Wallingford

Funding Flood Risk Management (2016) Water and Environment

Benefits of SuDS Tool (2015) A complete evaluation tool and accompanying guidance documents to enable users to evaluate the multiple benefits of sustainable drainage systems. This work was undertaken by MWH, Ecofutures and CH2M under contract to CIRIA. Click here for more information

Building a better system for flood resilience

This article, for WET News, makes the case for a consistent, comprehensive and transparent framework to ensure the full range of impacts are identified and assessed for flood resilience. 

How to solve a problem like.... Impact Assessment

This article, for WET News on behalf of MWH, looks at how and why better impact assessment will deliver improved decision making. Click here to read this article 

Economics - Not such a dismal science?

This article, for CIWEM publication 'The Environment' on behalf of MWH, argues that environmentalists must learn the language of economics if they are to protect the planet's natural assets. Click here to read this article

Reducing Carbon Emissions in the Water Industry

These notes formed part of a presentation was given at a CIWEM event in June 2014 on behalf of MWH. It assesses the state of carbon management in the industry and argues for a whole-life approach, taking account of embodied and other 'Scope 3' emissions, as well as widely reported emissions from operational activities. Click here to download this file

Assessing the Benefits of Sustainable Drainage

This paper was presented to the 2014 UK Network of Environmental Economists conference in London, on behalf of MWH. It relates to a multi-stakeholder project that sets out the role of sustainable drainage systems in managing stormwater at the surface, and the wide range of benefits that such systems can deliver. A key aspect of the project is the development of a tool to value these benefits. Click here to download this file

Upstream Competition

This presentation, given to the Water UK Lawyers Annual Conference on behalf of MWH, considers progress on upstream competition in the UK water industry, and the likely impacts of upstream competition from an environmental perspective. Click here to download this file 

Environmental Economics in the Water Sector

This presentation to the 2013 national CIWEM conference on behalf of MWH considers the development of and prospects for the use of environmental economics in the water sector. It sets out how the discipline can help address market failures and lead to more sustainable solutions. Click here to download this file

Valuation at a Crossroads

This presentation was given by Dr Bruce Horton at the CIWEM 2010 conference Valuing Water and the Environment in Practice. We argue for a more coordinated and consistent approach to economic valuation than currently exists, if it is to be used more widely and with greater confidence in the results. Click here to download this file

The CRC and the water industry

This article, by Dr Bruce Horton, appeared in Utility Week in March 2010. It highlights the particular issues that affect energy use in the industry and the likely impact of the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme. Click here to download this file

Copenhagen and water

The failure to agree a global climate deal at Copenhagen has consequences for the UK water industry. A previous version of this article, by Dr Bruce Horton, was written for Water UK. Click here to download this file

Golf and Climate Change

This article lays bare the facts about climate change that every golf club and player needs to know, and show what steps need to be taken to ensure the very survival of golf in a changing climate. Click here to download this file