We work in the following areas

Environmental economics All aspects of economic advice and analysis, including valuation and cost-benefit analysis, resource use optimisation, design and impacts of economic instruments (e.g. environmental taxes, trading schemes).

Climate change We can help organisations to plan optimally for the impacts of climate change, to measure their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and to manage this contribution through efficient and cost-effective mitigation strategies, including renewable energy.

Briefing and intelligence Increasingly, it pays to be informed of emerging and latest UK, European and international environmental policies, legislation and regulations. We can quickly provide clear and concise reports on the impacts on your organisation, along with recommendations and action plans.

Advocacy and influencing If you need your voice to be heard, we can advise on and plan strategies to engage and influence the right people in the right organisations. We can also prepare consultation responses and evidence to submit to inquiries or support advocacy and influencing work.

Embedding sustainability By applying the pillars and principles of sustainable development, we can advise on embedding sustainability across your organisation and ensure it is not just considered an environmental issue.

Water resources management We can help organisations optimise water resource planning through robust economic assessment of options. We can also prepare environmental assessments to accompany water resource plans, and advise on public hearings or inquiries.

Facilitation and peer review We have extensive experience of bringing people from different backgrounds and with different agendas together to work towards common objectives. We can facilitate meetings, conferences and work programmes, and provide peer review to other peoples work, including environmental economics.

Reporting and impact assessments We advise on and prepare both statutory and voluntary reports, including adaptation reports for the Climate Change Act, sustainability/corporate responsibility reports and environmental impact assessments.